8 Easy Garden Fix-Ups That Will Earn You More!

You’ve decided to either sell or lease your home in Macarthur. You’ve successfully fixed internal scratches, repainted and you may have even installed a new vanity in the bathroom. You’re home is sparkling clean and everything seems to be perfect, but have you considered the state of your front and back yards…?
Your front garden is where you’ll make the first impression with any potential buyer in Macarthur- make it is a positive and lasting one by ensuring your garden looks its best.
View your home from across the street. Is the fence broken? Has the grass died? Does it look dark, messy or otherwise unattractive? If so, a few quick fix-ups could go a long way!
1. Ensure all fencing is upright, clean and undamaged. An established fence gives your buyer a sense of safety, security and will help them with the transition and stress associated with looking for a new home.
2. Edge the driveway. Installing a border along your driveway can give your home an elegant and tidy look. You can use bricks, concrete, pavers or clean-cut grass.
3. Cover up dead spots. Many large trees can leave spots of dead grass beneath as they leave shade and sap nutrients from the soil. Plant shade-loving flowers or mulch these areas to instantly lift their appearance.
4. Clean and repaint your garage and front door.
5. Repair, replace or clean your letterbox. Often overlooked, a letterbox can be the perfect accessory for any front yard.
6. Clean up your gardens – this means weeding, pruning and tidying up the appearance. Clear leaves, debris and other organic matter. Clean yards make your home looked well cared for and this is an attractive point for buyers.
7. Fertilise your lawns for a greener, healthier look. We want the old saying “the grass is always greener on the other side” to hold true. A healthy lawn can brighten up your garden instantly.
8. Move all garden equipment to a storage area. This includes hoses, sprinklers, lawn mowers and hedge trimmers. By having minimal items laying around, your garden will look more natural and much more spacious.