First Time Sellers – Sell Your Home Faster for More

Remember how much you had to learn to buy your first home? If you’re getting ready to sell for the first time, you’ll need to learn even more. Of course, you picked up quite a bit of information about selling when you purchased your home – the negotiating process, seller responsibilities and so on. In addition, the real estate market has changed since you were buying. In many areas, strong seller’s markets have shifted more to the buyer’s advantage.
Now, more than ever, first-time sellers need the services of real estate professionals in Narellan who can guide them through the complex selling process in today’s market.
 Get Ready…
Repair or replace anything that isn’t in proper working order or good condition – fixtures, outlets, plumbing, flooring and even things like carpet, roofing and old shrubs. Only improve those things which will add to the value of your home. We recommend against major or expensive improvements as you may not necessarily recoup the full cost at selling time.
Declutter your home by removing knick-knacks, family photos and excess furniture. You want rooms to look spacious and storage to look plentiful and you want buyers visualizing how they could live in your home. Don’t forget to clean! A tidy and pleasantly smelling home is vital in order for buyers to fall in love enough to buy it.
 Get Set…
As you’re getting your Narellan home ready for the market you’ll want to select a real estate professional to help you sell it. List your home by signing a contract with the real estate brokerage to represent you and your home sale in the marketplace and to have your home placed on the multiple listing service.
Next, you set the price. Price setting must always be inline with current market conditions. We’ll develop a competitive market analysis to determine the listing price most likely to get your home sold with your desired time frame and, of course, net the most money from the sale.
At this point, you can sit back and see how all your preparations and planning pay off. You must stay ready for spur of the moment showings by keeping your home clean at all times. Allow your agent to show people through even when you are not home. Ideally, it is best to leave your home during the showings, making potential buyers more comfortable about looking around and asking questions.
When you finally go to settlement, ensure you go with everything you need, including required paperwork and keys. Don’t forget garage door openers, if any. Many sellers leave manuals for the home’s appliances on the kitchen counter, along with phone numbers ot any service providers they’ve used, pest treatments, heating/cooling system checks, plumbing and electrical work and so on.
Having built-up equity in your first home, you’re in a great position to take advantage of today’s market buying your next home. You’ll find lots of selection to choose from and great deals from sellers who are on the move, just like you.
Remember, too, mortgage rates are still very attractive by historical standards, and many different types of loan programs are available to match your particular needs and goals.
We’ll be happy to help you find out how much more home you can afford today. Then we’ll search for that perfect home you’ve been longing for.
Give us a call so we can help coordinate a seamless transition from your first home to your next one. We look forward to working for you!

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