Don’t Make Light Work of Your Lighting

Selling your home in Sydney can be tough. That’s why doing a little work such as a makeover or renovations can go a long way in satisfying potential buyers. Makeovers don’t have to be expensive, and one of the cheapest and most effective methods is a Lighting Renovation.
Natural light is one of a property’s main assets, but those home owner’s who don’t have windows facing the ideap aspect need not despair. Where there are challenges, there are solutions.
Home buyers are attracted to homes which look lived in, however are void of any personal effects. It is important to remove or stash away your personal items, leaving only the bare essentials. Lighting fixtures can then be used to emphasise these areas and to highlight wide-open spaces. Accent lights, monorail lights and track lighting are perfect for these areas.
Those serious about purchasing a home in Sydney will generally do a drive buy after their first viewing. Sometimes they will drive by at night to have a look at the area in a different shade. Install security lights to help your home stand out. Lamp posts, garden lights and even soft interior lighting will add to your home’s “curb appeal”. Try to avoid strong floorlights, and stick with softer lighting which will assist with buyers developing emotional attachment to the home.
Your entrance hall or foyer is the first area your guests see when they enter your home. Pendant lights, chandeliers and even a large mirror will open up your home immensely and ensure a great first impression.
Other things to think about…
1. Coloured lights should be used carefully, such as in swimming pools, garden beds or areas worthy of a highlight. Stick with white, off-white and light yellows to play it safe. If your walls are very dark, you can consider repainting them to lighter versions of the same color such as sky blue instead of ocean blue.
2. Improving lighting can be as simple as installing a brighter globe or taking advantage of diffused lighting, which gives a soft and comfortable feel. You can brighten dark corners by pointing multiple lights to the area and ceiling which will create a gorgeous overhead glow and minimise harsh shadows.
4. Use bright textiles such as curtains, cushions, pillows and throw rugs. These will help the light reflect upwards, allowing more light to fill your home.
5. Make sure your furniture is light in colour. Timber should be blond, not dark. Dark colours will absorb any light coming into the room and make it dark.
6. Are your windows clean? Remember cleaner windows let in more light.
7. Mirrors placed where they will reflect light from windows will make a room look bigger and lighter.
8. Look for finishes and surfaces which glow or have a dull sheen. Use semi-gloss finishes on trims and a satin finish on walls as these will reflect light and make the room seem brighter.
9. Use metal frames for paintings, mirrors, furniture and accessories.
10. Paint the ceiling even lighter than the walls. Either use the same colour as the trim (in matte finish, not semi-gloss!) or go one or two shades lighter than the colour on the walls. This makes the room look bigger too.
11. When you use light, use floor lamps that will shine the light up to the ceiling and will not only reflect off the pale colour, but will draw the eye up and give more impressions of vastness.
12. Carpet is cosy but doesn’t reflect light and brighten a home. Consider replacing it with wood or laminate in a honey colour.
By incorporating a few of these ideas into your next home makeover, you will drastically improve the atmosphere of your home, meaning an easier, faster and higher sales price when it comes time to move on.