December 2016 Rental Market Update

Nick: Hi, Nick Giles here from Prudential Real Estate. Welcome to the Rental Market Update for December 2016. Today we’ll talk about what you should expect as an investor over the Christmas period and how to prepare your property for the best results!
Nick: Traditionally leasing property across the holiday period is challenging, with less tenants actively moving around the market. This is an important consideration for investors settling on their new investment properties. At this time of year we urge investors to have conservative rental expectations and focus on the best tenant in the shortest period of time.
Nick: Now let’s cross to Tyler for advice on how to get the best leasing result this Christmas.
Tyler: Thanks Nick.
Tyler: Rental demand has slowed in some suburbs due to a high supply of brand new homes, however at Prudential Real Estate our team leased more than one property each day in November!
Tyler: Great value properties lease fast. To ensure a fast turnaround for your property you must provide a quality product at a competitive rent. Here in Oran Park, in Ducros Street alone we’ve leased three properties in less than 10 days to tenants who had more than 100 property options in the suburb!
Tyler: To lease your property quickly you must invest in presenting your property in a fresh, functional and inviting manner. You want your tenants to enjoy spending this Christmas at your property to reduce the risk of vacancy and loss of rent. Contact me for my advice on the improvements required at your property. I’d love to help you!
Tyler: Now back to you Nick.
Nick: Thanks for tuning into our December 2016 Rental Market Update. From all of our team here at Prudential Real Estate we would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. We can’t wait to see you in the New Year!