CHEAP Home Improvements!

It’s a story we hear all too often. Sellers want to increase the value of their home in Campbelltown without having to take out a personal loan to do so! It is not difficult to complete a few home improvements that won’t break the bank.

Home improvements

You would be surprised at how easy a thorough clean can not only increase the value of your home in Campbelltown , but allow it to sell much quicker. Clean walls, ceilings, tiles and grout. Air out your home and reduce clutter by storing away everything except décor essentials. Candles, natural scents such as vanilla and lots of natural light create a welcoming atmosphere sure to make any potential buyer fall in love with your home. Place special emphasis on windows, tracks the bathroom and kitchen areas.
Secondly, keep your yards trim and clean. Mow your lawn regularly, fertilise and keep it looking its absolute best. The front yard is a buyer’s first impression. You may also consider repainting your fence, installing a new letterbox and removing oil stains from your driveway.
Next, tie up any loose odds and ends. That dent in the wall from when you first moved in and that squeaking door with the broken door handle may seem normal now – they’ve been that way for years! However, by fixing lots of little problems around the home you’ll be enhancing its general ambiance.
As you can see, home improvements don’t have to be expensive. You can increase value on a budget, you simply need to have a look around and see what first needs to be done. We’ll leave you with a few more ideas to get your creative juices flowing:
– Install a new front door
– Change door handles, light fittings and cabinet doors
– Steam carpets
– Clean or install a new show screen/bathtub
– Repair chipped tiles
– Install a new toilet seat or vanity. Updating the light fixtures in the bathroom also goes a long way
– Hang some updated artwork or family photos. Be careful to not damage walls
– Invest in fresh flowers and natural scents
– Install new blinds or curtains
– Clean the pool and weed the surrounding areas

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