Can You Sell Above Market Value?

Selling a home can be an emotional or stressful time for some. That is why it is best to do this through a real estate agent who can offer the best sound advice on the quickest way to sell and the best price to list for.
At Prudential Real Estate we always thoroughly research an area and statistics before giving final advice on what a seller can ask for. We will do this by comparing other properties sold in the same area as well as using our own knowledge and experience in the industry.
The trap many sellers can fall into is that they choose the higher price in the asking range they are given to choose from. It is natural to want to attain more by asking the most; however, this is not always the best option.
If the home is listed at the highest price and the market falls, this can make other properties that are cheaper in the surrounding areas seem more favourable.

Base your choice appropriately

Avoid making decisions about the price you want based on your emotions. Perhaps you have spent many happy years building memories in this home, or maybe there are no good memories left and you wish to sell as quickly as possible.
Whichever way that scenario falls for you, try to remove yourself when deciding on an asking price after we provide you with a range to choose from. You need to be realistic. Sure you may have put in a new bathroom five years ago but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can jack the price up now.
The best way to decide on a price is to base your choice on facts and figures, not emotion. Let our professional team guide you on this and you won’t be disappointed.

Finding the right balance

The trick is finding the sweet spot, the perfect price that balances what the buyer wants and what you want. If you price too high then there is every chance a buyer that would see your home may never even set eyes upon it, let alone enter it.
Finding the happy medium will ensure you get as many buyers through your front door as possible. Generally speaking, it is not really possible to sell a home priced above market value. But there are some instances where this is possible; you have to weigh up the risks.
Usually anything listed 10% above market value is at risk of being harder to sell. If you can wait, then the choice is yours. Contact our team at Prudential Real Estate today to find out your ideal listing price.

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