Buying a Property Various Requirements for Different Need

At Prudential Real Estate Campbelltown, we pride ourselves in outstanding client care and our ability to provide the best advice possible. Whether you are buying, selling or looking for property management, our years of experience in real estate and a proven track record is what sets us apart from the rest.
We understand that each client is individual and their needs are all different. With this in mind, we are able to partner the right buyer with the right seller. Once we establish the motivation behind wanting to purchase a property, we can present the buyer with properties that match their requirements.
If you are looking to buy but are unsure what kind of property suits you best, lets discuss what buyers want and why.
The Right Size
If a buyer is looking to buy a home for themselves in which to live, then a larger block of land in Campbelltown is usually ideal. This is because if they plan to live there for some time with a family then they will want room to move.
Developers will also be more interested in more land as, provided there is approval for development, they can place units or townhouses on this block and increase their portfolio.
On the other hand, buyers looking for an investment tend to steer clear of large blocks. Tenants don’t usually wish to spend weekends tending to gardens in a home that they don’t really feel is their own and owners are not keen to spend money on a gardener to carry out maintenance.
Period vs. Modern Homes
Homes that are 140 years old rather than 40 exude a lot of charm and character. Buyers who intend to be owner occupiers may swoon over such a find where as investors know that tenants want modern homes with all the modern luxuries.
Older homes may hold the potential that more repairs are required or may be heritage listed. Modern homes have modern appliances, air conditioning and the all important extra bathroom.
Rooms with a View
Who doesn’t love a good view? When we holiday we are willing to pay extra for them and owner occupiers are often willing to pay the extra price for a view but to an investor a view may be a waste of their money.
Tenants are unlikely to be keen to pay a higher rent because of a view but are more likely to pay more for proximity. On the other side of the scale, developers see properties with seaside or city views as a major draw card.
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