Applying for a rental has never been easier!

In less time taken to do a grocery run, pick a new Netflix series or convince yourself to hit the gym, did you know you could have also submitted your rental application – and had it processed?

If it’s for a property listed with Prudential Real Estate, that is!

It’s no secret that rental applications can bore to tears with a hodgepodge of mind-numbing paperwork and details galore. So we’ve reduced the (previously painful) process to a speedy online system that’s both simple and convenient for all applicants to use.

The system is backed by our guarantee that we’ll respond to your application within 60 minutes, should you apply (a) during business hours, (b) with the correct documentation and (c) with references that can be contacted at the time. 

Discovered a property you’d like to rent? 

We advise saving photos of the following to your phone or desktop gallery for an even quicker experience. All are required to process your application:

1. Driver’s Licence, Passport or Proof of Age Card – only one per application.

2. Your last two payslips – plus proof of any additional income e.g. from a second job, Centrelink payments etc.

3. Bank Statement – your most recent monthly statement that shows your name and transactions.

4. Medicare Card

5. Rent ledger (from your current rental agent). If you’re currently renting privately, a letter from your landlord and/or evidence of regular rent payments can be provided instead. If you have just sold your home, evidence of sale can substitute this. 

6. Your most recent periodic inspection report – can be obtained from your current real estate agent.

7. Signed TRA Disclosure – you will receive a paper copy of this when you inspect the property. You can then sign and photograph upon starting your application.

What if I’m a first-time tenant without a rental history? 

Don’t worry! There’s plenty of other evidence you can provide to demonstrate your ability to pay rent, such as income statements, proof of employment, bill notices and more.

Remember that a separate online application is required for every adult occupying the property. Be sure to answer every question in your application – especially if you’re not at leisure for a friendly call-up from our end!

Applying for a rental or have a question?
Visit our application page or get in contact with us Prudential Real Estate: (02) 4628 0033 | [email protected].

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