Why rent with us?

Why? Because we have hundreds and hundreds of happy clients.

See what they say about our property management services, our systems and our staff. Watch the video to the right.

Why? Because we are the only agent in Sydney to provide these guarantees

Prudential Real Estate is the largest single provider of residential rental properties in Sydney's south-west with more than 3000 properties under management - a portfolio worth in excess of $9 billion. And although we have grown into a large business over the past 20 years we haven't forgotten the personal touch. Each of our property investment clients deals with only one person, their dedicated Property Manager. Having a single point of contact ensures clear communication, a thorough knowledge of your circumstances and the best overall outcome for your investment property.

How we find the best tenant for your property

In order to find the best tenant it's important to have the widest choice of applicants competing to rent your property. We manage this by advertising widely to attract the best quality tenants. Our advertising and marketing includes internet advertising, local paper advertising, open houses, availability lists and lots more. Lots of advertising provides you with more choice.

How we assess which tenant is best

When a tenant asks to rent your property we ask them to complete our four-page application form and supply multiple identifying documents. Then we perform a thorough check of the tenant by accessing several on-line databases, obtaining a reference from their employer and their previous landlord or agent. Only when we are confident do we recommend the tenant to you.

How we manage legal compliance for you and your property

Only when you approve the tenant do we prepare all the documentation to secure the tenancy. This includes a correctly prepared Residential Tenancy Agreement, a thorough property condition report as well as the various banking documentation to ensure rent payments are made on time. We then ask the tenant to attend an interview at our office where we explain all the documents and review our expectations during the term of the tenancy.

How we ensure the rent is paid on time

We collect rent by electronically debiting the tenants bank account once a week. The tenant need never come to our office to pay rent. This allows us to control the payment process which leads to lower arrears and more consistent payments for our landlords.

How we keep an eye on the condition of your property

We conduct a thorough internal and external inspection of every new tenancy prior to the tenant taking occupation and then again within 90 days of commencement to ensure the tenant is looking after your investment as you would expect. Then we continue to conduct regular inspections as often as 4 times per year depending on your instructions.

What happens at the end of the lease?

When the tenant decides to leave we provide them with clear advice as to the level of cleanliness we require when they vacate. After they leave we conduct a thorough internal and external inspection to assess any changes in condition that may have occurred since the tenant first took occupation. If the condition has declined we make a claim against the tenant's bond on your behalf.

What happens if we have to go to tribunal?

Our team members are fully trained to represent your rights at the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT). We mostly appear on your behalf in order to enforce the Residential Tenancy Agreement for rental arrears or other non-compliance issues. You are not required to attend when we appear at tribunal - acting in your best interests is all part of the job we do for you.

What no-cost, added extras will you enjoy?

As part of our service we can also arrange for payment of your council rates, your water rates, your strata levies and your insurance premiums. Most of all, our considered advice (probably the most valuable part of our service) is free. After more than 20 years in operation we probably know the answer to almost any property management problem you can imagine. All you need do is ask - we love to help with all aspects of your investment property. Everyone of us aims to make your rental property a truly "set-and-forget" investment.

What happens if you decide to sell?

Property investment produces the best results over the medium and long-term. But sometimes circumstances require that your investment property be sold. When this happens we liaise directly with your tenant to ensure a smooth sale, undertake all the marketing and buyer inspections whilst your tenant remains in your property and continues to pay rent. Read a full description of our property selling service.