Glen Alpine

Population quick facts

  • Total population: 4,559
  • Number of families: 1,323
  • Top age groups and lifestyles: Older couples and families, established couples and families, and older independence

Property statistics

  • Median rent: $590 per week
  • Median property price: $870,000
  • Top dwelling structures: Separate house
  • Average bedrooms per property: 4.3

Place of interest

  • Campbelltown Golf Course
  • Glen Alpine Shopping Centre

Glen Alpine, located 56 km south-west of the Sydney CBD, is part of the local government area of the city of Campbelltown and is in the Macarthur region. It is bordered by dynamic suburbs and large national parks.

Glen Alpine has its origins as a golf course estate with the houses built primarily in the loop of the 18-hole course. Starting late 1990s, developed spread beyond the loop towards the Macarthur Square shopping centre.

A new estate was built in the section between the sixth hole, Menangle Road and Macarthur Square, called Macarthur Gardens. Included in this development are a local shopping centre and a tennis court. Compared to Glen Alpine, the dwellings on this estate are built on much smaller land.

Offering a mixed vibe of urban living and natural surroundings, Glen Alpine is a low density residential suburb with plenty of greenery. Most homes were built less than 20 years ago and styled as modern heritage.

Glen Alpine is a family friendly suburb. It is close to plenty of amenities and conveniences, such as cafes and restaurants, schools and shops. It is also not so far from city attractions, the beach and country.

Golfing is a popular activity among locals as the famous Campbelltown Golf Course remains a focal point in the suburb.

The suburb has its own local shopping centre, but just a few minutes up the road is Macarthur Square Shopping Centre and Campbelltown Mall.

The suburb is serviced daily by Busabout Sydney buses. For train services, the nearest station from the suburb is Macarthur Railway Station.

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*Data based on the 2016 Census.