SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED: New electronic exchange of contracts at Prudential

A seasoned agent is familiar with something that a real estate rookie isn’t – and that’s just how easy it is to lose a sale, all because of a signature on a contract.

Not retrieving a signature quickly enough (and having a contract fall through) isn’t only a disappointing outcome for an agency, but also for the owner of the property concerned. And more often than not, it’s because of an unforeseen circumstance such as paperwork getting delayed in the mail, a handwritten error or a lack of time for both parties to come into the office and sign in-person.

Unfortunately, all this does is delay the process until the sale is made official – and in the meantime, buyers start to question their decision, sellers are left feeling anxious and the process comes to a grinding halt.

Santi Fernandez, Senior Sales Consultant at Prudential Real Estate Campbelltown, is no stranger to having a contract fall through as a result of chasing paperwork. Having worked for over 30 years in the industry, including operating his own office and selling in excess of 900 properties, Santi has long awaited the option for buyers and sellers to exchange contracts using electronic signatures to ensure a quick turnaround. 

But until recently, e-signatures have had numerous legal barriers – including reliability, security and who they’re witnessed by. Only in the past few years has technology overcome all of these challenges and allowed for reliable, secure and legally-binding contracts to be exchanged in a matter of seconds and not weeks. 

The technology is a complete game changer, and has recently enabled us to streamline our systems by incorporating electronically signed sale contracts at Prudential Real Estate.

“Without a doubt, e-signatures have saved us and our clients time and money,” says Santi Fernandez.

“They’re quick, efficient and they reduce errors in communication that’s unavoidable with handwriting. If contracts take too long to sign, despite how confident a buyer is in the property, they could start to doubt their decision, reconsider or even look elsewhere.”

Signing digitally is especially convenient for clients who live in remote regional areas, who may otherwise have to travel to exchange paperwork in person. 

It pays to be quick, and e-signatures are now an effective way for buyers and sellers to exchange contracts instantly at Prudential Real Estate – in a convenient start-to-finish digital process.

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