Seasonal Variables in Real Estate Market

Some interesting data has recently been released by RP Data regarding the
seasons and how they correlate to sales in the
real estate market.
Many would believe that it is best to wait for the sunny warm months to put
their home in Campbelltown on the market to ensure the best possible price is achieved. Others
believe that spring is the time to think about selling a home. Most would
probably believe it to be too cold in the winter to think about listing a
property for sale, and autumn just too messy.
The results, calculated over a five-year period, show that autumn is the busiest
time to buy a home with 26.5% of the sales. Autumn is closely followed by spring
with 26.2% of the sales. Surprisingly, it is winter that comes a very close
third with 25.7% of the sales, leaving summer with the remaining 21.6%.
As you can see, it’s a very close race with 3 of the 4 seasons but what of
summer dragging along behind? It is widely thought that the lead up to Christmas
is the reason for this slight lull in the market. Everybody is preparing for the
holidays and visiting loved ones. Some have suggested that if you are looking
for the best deal this may be the time to get out there and shop around.

Time lag from listing a Property to Selling a Property

Whilst these figures are interesting to ponder, it is important to note that
the average list time of a property is currently around 60 days. This does not
mean that a home could not be snapped up within a week or two of being listed.
It all comes down to how the property in Campbelltown is priced and marketed. This is where
an experienced agent is worth his or her weight in commission. When considering
listing property for sale in Sydney’s southwest, it is essential to put your
trust in an agent who:
• Can proudly boast 25 years’ experience in the Industry;
• Is able to accurately value your home and offer tips to increase its value
and appeal;
• Produces a property magazine that reaches nearly 75,000 households in the
• Commands high Web presence;
• Possesses ample window display;
• Has a variety of marketing programmes available;
• Takes the time to supply quality feedback; and
• Offers quality service such as the Prudential team at Ingleburn.
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