Preparing Your Property for Sale

If you are planning to sell your property in Macquarie, there are things that you must first do before putting it on the list. You need to prepare the house for the sale, or else, you would receive little attention from buyers. There is also the possibility that you will not get the price that you want if you do not prepare your property well.
Simple renovations and a good clean of the entire house should help raise the price of your property and gain strong attention from interested buyers. Here are a few steps you can take to improve the chances of your property selling for a reasonable price.

Do a Thorough Clean

Good impressions last and potential buyers are going to consider your house based on how the house looks in Macquarie. Make sure to do a thorough clean of the house as well as the garden.
It would be wise to hire a professional cleaning company to make sure that all parts of the house are checked and cleaned. A pest control service may also be hired to rid the property of destructive pests. Getting the house all cleaned up will definitely make it so much more attractive.


It is always good to put some furnishings, furniture or decorations in the house to make it easier for the buyer to imagine the rooms when in use. However, although leaving some items is good, make sure to not leave some personal items in any of the rooms. Make the paint colours more neutral, avoiding loud colours or wallpapers.

Minor Renovations

If you can, make some renovations to the house. Attention must also be given to basic repairs that are essential throughout the property, including plumbing and electrical connections. The walls, roof and gutters must all be in good condition. If needed, make repairs to the doors and windows in the house. Check the flooring to see if there is any damage that needs to be repaired.

Kitchen and Bathroom

No other room in the house gains more attention from the scrutiny of potential buyers than the kitchen and the bathroom. Buyers are very particular when it comes to the style and look of the bathroom and the kitchen.
If you have the budget, it would benefit you much more if you invest on the cabinets for the kitchen and bathroom. Add in a glass shower screen and a vanity cabinet for the bathroom. These would make the room more contemporary and would gain approval from would-be buyers. Turn the kitchen into a modern-type kitchen with a new benchtop and cabinets for a more organised room.
A reliable property management can help you in making improvements to your property to make it more attractive to buyers. For additional help on selling your property, call us on 07 3843 4511.