Hammondville was established in 1933 and named for the founder, Minister Robert Hammondville who created a settlement in 1933, for families who were made destitute by the Great Depression. Thirty one kilometres from the CBD, it is one of Sydney’s south western suburbs. According to the 2006 Census it has a population of close to 3,000 residents. Between that year and present time there is little doubt that it would have reached or passed that number. The area grew quickly during the seventies and saw increased numbers in the nineties when new houses were built.
Some of the real estate Macquarie Fields in the area has been developed into parks for recreational sports including football, soccer, baseball and cricket. There is a golf club bordering the area and Hammondville has a popular sports club based there. This is all good news for the sporting types, and the children have not been forgotten either with lots of smaller parks containing playgrounds available where they can safely have fun away from roadways. This makes a family day out pleasant and enjoyable as the parents can relax while keeping an eye on the kids. One of the parks, the Lieutenant Cantello Reserve, was named after a pilot who lost his life in a plane crash during the war.
Hammondville Public State School has students from kindergarten age up to year 7. With approximately 550 students, comprised of boys and girls, it also features a school canteen.
A zero tolerance level approach to bullying gives both parents and students peace of mind. For higher education, students would need to travel to nearby suburbs as no high school is presently in this area. For those wishing to buy or rent in this suburb a wise move would be to call into a real estate or property management agency in Sydney  for more information.
Hammondville has a post office as well as a medical centre and pharmacy for those needing these services. For special needs children there is also a speech pathologist available. As well as a shopping centre there are a number of local businesses including a butcher, takeaway outlets, hairdresser and beauty salon plus a bottle shop. For anyone who is travelling or just taking a road tour for pleasure, accommodation will be found in neighbouring suburbs as presently there in none available in this locality. At present time there are homes for sale and also available for rental in this suburb, so if you are interested in this area check it out with the real estate people.