West Hoxton

West Hoxton is a recent residential area. West Hoxton is bounded by a line above McIver Avenue in the north, Cowpasture Road in the east, Bringelly Road in the south and the Sydney Water Supply Channel in the west. It includes the southern part of the suburb of Middleton Grange.

Development of the area dates primarily from the late 1990s. Rapid growth took place between 1996 and 2001, with the population increasing more than sixfold. Rapid growth continued between 2001 and 2006.

Major features of the area include Lake Francis and a number of schools.

Population quick facts

  • Total Population: 10,012
  • Number of families: 2536

Property statistics

  • Median weekly household income: $2171
  • Median monthly mortgage repayments: $2,444
  • Median weekly rent: $501 per week

Places of interest

  • Lake Francis
  • Middleton Grange

*Data based on the Census 2016.