Tohran Di Mercurio

Tohran Di Mercurio

Property Manager

Mobile: 0434 319 455

Tohran grew up in the Camden area, where he still lives today. Having previously served in the navy, Tohran completed his Certificate IV Aeroskills (Mechanical) and worked as an Aviation Mechanic before making a move to real estate.

Tohran has seen family members thrive in real estate and has always enjoyed engaging with people and helping them, so it is no surprise that he enjoys his role as a Property Consultant, which sees him helping people buy and sell properties. He loves working alongside friends and family at Prudential Real Estate, where everyone strives to achieve their goals and team members help each other achieve their full potential.

Talkative, friendly and always ready to party, Tohran is a marine aquarium hobbyist and enjoys playing golf in his spare time.