Tenant Information

Finding the right rental property can be a difficult and daunting process if you have not yet had the experience. Often you are one of many attending an open house and the competition can sometimes look a little fierce.

Here are few tips to help you on your way:

  • The agent will remember you and will often convey positive comments to the owner when discussing your application, so take the time and become acquainted with the agent.
  • Sometimes there can be many people at an open house but surprisingly few people take the trouble to submit an application, mistakenly thinking, “the owner will never choose me with so many people to consider”. You may be surprised to learn you could be the only applicant so take the trouble to put your best foot forward.
  • If you are quick and your application is submitted to the owner first it’s possible you may be the only application considered by the owner.

FInd out how to apply for a rental property


Before you move in

1. How can I arrange to view a property?

If you wish to inspect a property, click on the property of your choice in this list of available rental properties, which will open the property profile page. Click on "Book an inspection time" on the right-hand side. This will take you to a form where you will be able to choose a suitable date and time for an inspection. Complete your details and click "Register inspection time". This will then send an email to us advising your intention to attend our open house.

2. How long is the lease?

Generally all our tenancy agreements are for three months or six months. We do not currently recommend 12-month leases to our owners.

3. Are pets allowed?

Although some property owners still allow pets such as dogs and cats, it seems that most clients prefer tenants do not have pets. However, please feel free to ask the agent conducting the open home.

4. How do we go about applying for a property?

Go to our application page.

5. When can we move in?

The availability date for each property appears on the property advertisement.

6. Do you show properties on Sundays or after hours?

We conduct property inspections Monday through Saturday from 9.00am to 5.00pm. Unfortunately, inspections outside of these times are only possible in exceptional circumstances.

7. Do you have to view the property before submitting an application?

Yes, we require all potential tenants to view the property before submitting an application. In this way there are no surprises for the tenant after they take occupation and the owner can be assured the tenant is satisfied with the condition of the property.

8. How much is the bond?

The bond for each of our properties is four weeks' rent. In addition, you will be required to pay two weeks' rent in advance and sign a direct debit form for all future rent payments at the time you sign your tenancy agreement.

After you move in

Your legal obligations

When you signed your Residential Tenancy Agreement you entered into a binding legal agreement. The primary requirements of that agreement include:

1. Payment of rent in advance and on time,

2. Prompt payment of water usage charges,

3. Keeping the premises in a clean and tidy fashion at all times.

If you are having any type of difficulty meeting these or any other obligation contained within the agreement please contact us at any time - we would love to help you.

Rent payments

Rent payments at Prudential Real Estate are made via periodical direct debit only. When you signed your tenancy agreement you also nominated a bank account from which we could withdraw your rent each week. If this bank account changes please let us know.

Every time your rent is paid a receipt is generated by our system. You can collect your receipts from our office at any time.

Payment of your water usage account

Water usage accounts will be forwarded to you every three months as the account falls due. We manage this payment for you by debiting your usual bank account at the same time as we debit your rent.

Your property condition report

Attached to your copy of the Residential Tenancy Agreement you will also find your Property Condition Report. This report describes the condition of the property on the day you took occupation. There is provision in the report for you to check and then to either agree or disagree with each of the items described within the report.

If you disagree with the condition report in any way it is important that you fill out the column called “tenant agrees” with an “N” (INDICATING No – you do not agree) next to the particular room or item and provide a full description in the adjacent column.

It is important that you return one copy of the condition report to our office within seven days of the commencement of the Residential Tenancy Agreement in order to ensure your comments are validated. Your condition report is an important document. When you leave the premises we will use this condition report to assess if there has been any deterioration in the condition of the property during your tenancy.

Reporting repairs

All repairs to the rented premises must be authorised by the landlord.

If you have a repair or maintenance issue you would like the landlord to consider you must report the matter to us in writing.

You can do this one of two ways:

1. Report a repair online

2. Come to the Prudential office that manages your property and complete a repair request form.

Once your repair request has been received a member of our team will review the details. They may call you to clarify the problem.

If the problem cannot be fixed over the phone, your property manager will call the owner, explain the problem and ask for their instructions. The owner may tell us to go ahead and fix the problem by giving the work to one of our regular tradesmen, or the landlord may ask us to obtain quotes to have the problem fixed. We ask that you allow access to your property at these times to ensure the problem is rectified as soon as possible.

If you haven’t heard from us within 24 hours of your original report, please call us for an update on our progress. If there has been a delay this will probably be caused by the fact that we are having difficulty contacting the owner. If this is the case, please have patience.

Once we have received instructions from the owner, we will inform you of their decision by email. If they instruct us to have the problem fixed we will call the appropriate tradesman and ask them to contact you immediately.

Emergency repairs

The Residential Tenancy Agreement describes an urgent repair as one of the following:

1. A burst water service
2. A blocked or broken lavatory system
3. A serious roof leak
4. A gas leak
5. A dangerous electrical fault
6. Flooding or serious flood damage
7. Serious storm or fire damage
8. Failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply to the premises
9. Failure or breakdown of any essential service on the premises for hot water, cooking, heating, cooling or laundering
10. Any fault or damage that causes the premises to be unsafe or not secure

Should an URGENT REPAIR occur at your property during our normal office hours you should phone our office and report the problem. Our staff will take quick action to remedy the situation. You will still be required to complete a repair request form but in the case of an URGENT REPAIR this can occur after the report has been made.

Should an URGENT REPAIR occur after hours, you are welcome to arrange a properly qualified person to attend to the repair. 

Please refer to clause 19 of your agreement for an explanation of payment liabilities in the case of an URGENT REPAIR.

Owner's mail

Occasionally the owner's mail may be delivered to you at your new address. It is very important that their mail be delivered to our office as soon as you receive it.

There was an occasion recently where a tenant failed to deliver the owner's mail to us. One of the items of mail was the landlord's water bill. As a result, the water was eventually cut off from the rented premises - all because the owner's mail was not delivered to us.

So, you never know whether the owner's mail, accidentally delivered to your address, could have some bearing on your enjoyment of the property.

Borrowing keys

When you enter into the Residential Tenancy Agreement you are provided with keys to the property.

If you should lock yourself out, lose your keys or in some other way require the use of the office copy of the keys to your property, you will be asked to pay a bond of $100.00. This bond will be returned to you once you have returned the keys.

Please note: An office copy of your keys is not always available.

Periodic inspections

As part of our commitment to the owner of your property, our office conducts regular inspections of all of our rented premises.

The first inspection will generally occur 90 days after you take occupation. Thereafter they will occur about every six months or as directed by the landlord. Once your property has been scheduled for one of these periodic inspections we will inform you allowing seven days' notice.

Naturally, you are welcome to be in attendance at these inspections as is the owner, who will often come along to inspect the condition of the property.

If you are unable to be there at the time, don’t be concerned. Our staff will be happy to use the office copy of the keys to access the property and will be sure to lock up properly as they leave. In addition, a copy of the periodic inspection report will be posted to you, and to the owner, after the inspection.

When the time comes to vacate

It is a requirement of the Residential Tenancy Agreement that you provide proper notice to vacate the property. These notice periods are described in your tenancy agreement and on our vacating notice.

You can obtain a vacating notice from the reception desk of any of our offices or you can download it from the link at the bottom of this page. If you are tenant with our Campbelltown office you can use the online vacating notice. If you hold the keys to the premises longer than the notice period indicated on your vacating notice, rent will be charged up until (and including) the day you return the keys.

Once the keys are returned, we will arrange an outgoing inspection of the premises.

You are encouraged to be there at the time we conduct this inspection, as we will be comparing the condition of the property at the time of this inspection with the condition of the premises at the time you entered the Residential Tenancy Agreement.

If we note any difference between the two reports, the owner may allow you an opportunity to rectify the problem or the cost can be deducted from your bond.

If your tenancy is like the vast majority, we will find that the premises have been left in the same condition as when you first took occupation and, once we have the approval of the owner, we will refund your entire bond.

The Rental Bond Board takes from two to six weeks to return your bond by post or directly into your bank account.

Smoke alarms

Current legislation requires each property to have a working smoke alarm. As the tenant, your responsibility is to ensure the alarm is in working order at all times. Please test your alarm regularly and certainly no less than every three months. If your smoke alarm is battery operated you are responsible to ensure batteries that run flat are immediately replaced with new ones.

Should anything be a problem while you are living at the property, please do not hesitate to call us – we would love to help you.