My gnomadic life

Prudential PeteHello! It's Prudential Pete, Office Gnome, Garden Connoisseur, Gnome Pun Collector and Real Estate Apprentice. Here's where I tell you about my exciting life. Email me if you gnome any good puns. I love a good giggle.

9 February 2018

Pete at Awards NightWe had a great time at our annual Awards Night! Even I got all dressed up for the occastion! Check out our worthy award winners

2 February 2018

Pete in his travel bagI've been getting out of the office a bit and have even appeared in some property ads! Did you spot me? My colleagues have been worried about breaking me on their travels as I am heavy but delicate so Josephine has found the perfect tavel container for me. I even get wrapped in bubble wrap! My first outing in my new bag will be to our Awards Night tonight. Looking forward to it!

Australia25 January 2018

I wish you all a happy Australia Day and a fantastic long weekend! I amused myself "photobombing" property shoots this week and had a great time. Check out our listings and see if you can spot me!

19 January 2018

Pete in gardenBobby took me to a property photo shoot this week. It was amazing! I may have even been asked to pose in a picture or two... I love how varied my job is!

12 January 2018

Pete dreams of winning an awardOur social committee has been busy planning our annual awards night and I'm already really excited! I would love to be able to go up on stage to collect an award but, as some of my colleagues have pointed out, I haven't sold, managed or leased any properties at all! I do qualify for the "sitting quietly for the longest time" award but I've just made that one up. Oh, well, one can dream...

5 January 2018

Pete goes to workHappy New Year! I had a lovely break. The first week at the office was surprisingly eventful! We had a staff meeting, during which Natalie was announced as the employee of the month for December, and then on Thursday there was a blackout! I had to have my lunch in the dark kitchen. As all our computers and phones were out, we used the opportunity to celebrate Jane's birthday!

15 December 2017

I am very excited to announce that I am now a meme! Here's a sneak preview. Look out for my memes appearing on Facebook from now on. I have a lot of very important things to tell the world ;-)

 8 December 2017

Emma and candy canesI love the Christmas season! I'm running a Christmas decorations competition on Facebook and a candy cane guessing competition at our reception. Looking forward to declaring the winners soon and spreading the Christmas joy! We've received such beautiful photos already it'll be a tough choice to declare the winners of the Christmas decorations competition next Friday.

 1 December 2017

Wayne and PetePete in carI was very happy when my friend Wayne was announced as the employee of the month for November! Wayne is almost as good as I am at bringing joy to this office! 

I also got to travel on some important - and top secret - property management business with Jazmine, who took excellent care of me and returned me in great condition.

 24 November 2018

Pete Christmas shoppingI went Christmas shopping at Campbelltown Mall today and got to pose for a picture with a huge polar bear! Then I bought some goodies for our reception and also for our competition prizes. Looking forward to kicking off our Christmas competition on Facebook in December!

 17 November 2017

Pete and calendarsThe sales team and I have been busy organising the photo calendars for distribution in Bradbury, Campbelltown, Leumeah, Rosemeadow and Ruse. Each resident will receive a calendar with a picture of their own home - what a wonderful personalised gift!

 Pete as Santa10 November 2017

I know it's still November but I'm already getting excited about Christmas and have tried out my costume already. I will be making an appearance on Facebook soon. Looking forward to it!

 3 November 2017

Pete and running shirtsThere was big excitement in the office when our running shirts for the Fisher's Ghost Fun Run arrived! I tried to dress myself approprietly for the photo but sadly there are neither shoes nor shirts available in my size so I will have to cheer from the sidelines this time. This doesn't stop me from feeling immensely #PrudentialProud.

 27 October 2017

Pete and NatThis week I meet our wonderful gardening competition winner, Nat Niemi, who kindly allowed me to explore her beautiful garden. She truly is a worthy winner of the competition and a lovely lady. Congratulations!

 20 October 2017

Pete and friendsI was very excited to find out that some good friends of mine are hanging out in Wayne's garden these days so he took me for a catch-up after work. We had a great time! I was a bit shocked at how much my friends have aged though. I'm glad to be an office gnome these days; it keeps me looking bright and fresh!

 13 October 2017

Pete in RosemeadowPete and StaceyThis week I started my Best Garden Competition on Facebook and I'm enjoying the lovely photos being posted! I even went to a photo shoot myself and got to pose with some beautiful roses in Rosemeadow. I've also been having a great time in the office and am being treated very well by my colleagues. I might even be involved in a little office gnomance...

6 October 2017Natalie, Pete and dog

I'm really enjoying this real estate business! Natalie took me along for her inspections and I saw some lovely homes and even got to meet two very friendly dogs! 

29 September 2017

Pete and Bobby have lunchI joined the Prudential Real Estate team in Campbelltown on Wednesday and was busy meeting my new colleagues and having a look around the office. The highlight of my first week was when Bobby took me out for lunch at Crave Espresso in Bradbury. Bobby loves Bradbury! It was fun listening to his stories - although later he pretended that I was the one doing most of the talking!