Population quick facts

  • Total population: 9,747
  • Number of families: 2,702
  • Top age groups and lifestyles: Older couples and families, established couples and families, and Maturing couples and families

Property statistics

  • Median rent: $575 per week
  • Median property price: $940,000
  • Top dwelling structures: Separate house
  • Average bedrooms per property: 3.6

Places of interest and local attractions

  • New Brighton Golf Club
  • Liverpool City Hockey Complex
  • Moorebank Shopping Village

Moorebank, located 27 km south-west of the Sydney CBD, is part of the local government area of the city of Liverpool. It is bordered in the north by Chipping North and Newbridge Road, in the east by South Western Motorway, Bungonia Court, Jenola Court, Anzac Road and Wattle Grove, in the south by the Holsworthy Military Reserve and the railway line, and in the west by the Georges River.

The suburb was named after an early landlord in the area named Thomas Moore. The land was mainly used as vineyards and for other rural activities. Early settlement dates back from the late 1800s. It was not until the post-war ear that major development took place and it was in the 1950s to 1070s that rapid development occurred. New dwellings were added to the area from 2001 to 2011 as part of the Holsworthy Military Reserve. The population is expected to further grow, driven mainly by the Georges Fair development on the former Boral Brickworks site.

Moorebank can be described a suburb with a combination of residential and industrial areas.

It is a green and peaceful suburb that is great for starting a family and also a location to invest in. The neighbours are nice and friendly. Conveniences and amenities are easily accessible.

There are plenty of local shops as well as the Moorebank Shopping Centre. Wattle Grove Shopping Village and Market Plaza in Chipping North are just a few minutes’ drive.

The suburb is home to several local sporting teams, most of which calls Hammondville Park as their home. The John Grant International Raceway on Helles Reserve is a purpose-built remote control car race track that hosted the 2001 IFMAR World Championships for 8th scale racing.

Moorebank is surrounded by greenery as it has several parks and reserves. It has a small lake called Chinches Pond, which is surrounded by Chinches Pond Reserve.

Moorebank offers a number of good schools, which is good news to families with school-aged children. There are three local schools in the area: Nuwarra Public School, Moorebank High School and St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School. It is also not lacking in day care centres (Poppy’s Early Learning Day Care and Your Kids Our Kids Child Care Centre).

Moorebank is connected east to the Sydney CBD and west to Campbelltown via the M5 Motorway. The nearest railway station is in Liverpool on the Airport, Inner West and South Line, Bankstown Line, and Cumberland Line of the Sydney Trains network.

Transport NSW operates daily bus services (Route 902) from Liverpool to Holsworthy via Moorebank and Hammondville.

If you are looking for a new home in Moorebank, you can search for properties for sale and houses for rent.

*Data based on the 2016 Census.