Landlords, are you getting the most from your rental property?

If you feel your investment property is letting you down, there could be a few reasons.

Our booklet How much rent should you be charging for your investment property will help you with some simple clues and forgotten tips that will improve the results you are currently receiving.

What will you find?

  1. Which properties attract the best tenants? What to look for when you are buying?
  2. What simple, low-cost extras could you add to your property to substantially increase your rent?
  3. How to work the highest and best rent price for your property?
  4. What are today's tenants looking for in a rental property? And does your property stack up?
  5. Are airconditioners really important?
  6. Can a townhouse or unit be a better buy than a house?
  7. What one aspect of a property has the biggest impact on rental prices?

There's no cost. This booklet will help you with a range of investment property decisions whther you are a first-time investor or you already have a portfolio of investment properties.