Population quick facts

  • Total population: 5,476
  • Number of families: 1,333
  • Top age groups and lifestyles: Established couples and families, maturing couples and families, and maturing and maturing and established independent

Property statistics

  • Median rent: $505 per week
  • Median property price: $835,000
  • Top dwelling structures: Separate house
  • Average bedrooms per property: 3.5

Places of interest

  • Holsworthy Public School
  • Harris Creek Reserve
  • Holsworthy Aquatic Centre

Holsworthy, located 31 km south-west of the Sydney CBD, is part of the local government area of the city of Liverpool and is partially in the Sutherland Shire, an area to the south of Botany Bay and the Georges River where many affluent residents live.

The suburb was named after an area in Devon, England, called Holsworthy. It was originally spelled as Holdsworthy, but the “d” was dropped after World War II.

The area was first settled in the early 1800s, with lands primarily utilised for farms, orchards and vineyards. In 1913, most of the area was taken over for military training. It was in the post-war era that significant residential development took place.

Today, Holsworthy is an established residential suburb and military area.

The residential area is situated north of the railway station. In the northern section of Holsworthy is a locality called Anzac Village. It is adjacent to the suburb of Wattle Grove.

A new development, Mornington Estate, features various housing models as well as a central community space that has a landscaped swimming pool and tennis court. The overall design of this large residential development creates an easily accessible pedestrian and resident-friendly setting.

Holsworthy is a peaceful and quiet suburb that is ideal for raising a family. Schools and childcare facilities are easily accessible. There is a high school, a public school and a Catholic primary school in the suburb.

There are plenty of shops in the nearby suburbs of Wattle Grove and Hammondville.

Holsworthy is near the M5 and M7. It has a railway station, which is on the Sydney Trains Airport, Inner West and South Line. Holsworthy railway station is part of the East Hills line extension to Glenfield and Campbelltown. The station has adequate commuter parking.

Homebuyers and investors will find Holsworthy attractive because house prices are affordable and land sizes are good. If you want to take a look at available properties in the suburb, you can search for houses for sale in Holsworthy.


*Data based on the 2016 Census.