Eschol Park

Population quick facts

  • Total population: 2,582
  • Number of families: 749
  • Top age groups and lifestyles: Older couples and families, maturing couples and families, and established couples and families

Property statistics

  • Median rent: $420 per week
  • Median property price: $610,000
  • Top dwelling structures: Separate house
  • Average bedrooms per property: 3.4

Places of interest and local attractions

  • Eschol Park House
  • Eschol Park Sports Complex
  • Vale Brook Reserve
  • Eschol Park Public School

Eschol Park, a suburb located 60 km south-west of the Sydney CBD, is part of the local government area of the city of Campbelltown and is in the Macarthur region. It is bordered in the north by Kearn, in the east by Raby Road, in the south by Eagle Vale Drive, Eagle Vale ad Badgally Road, and in the west by the Camden Council.

The name of the suburb was derived from an early property in the area, which got its name from “Eschol”, the Promised Land in the Bible.

The area was first settled in the mid 1800s, with lands primarily utilised for farms and vineyards. It rural hills remained, dotted by dairy cattle farms, until the mid-1970s. Subsequently, it was designated for housing estates. Plans for the housing development were underway in 1975. By April 1978, the first part of the planned suburb, Highfield Estate, was being constructed. People can still see off Raby Road the estate’s brick gateway.

This green and leafy suburb boasts of several parks and reserves where there are playgrounds for children, and pathways for bikes and for strolling, and adequate green space for a game of football or rugby. One of the suburb’s landmarks is Eschol Park Sports Complex, which caters to various sports including cricket, soccer, rugby and athletics.

This tiny suburb is a hidden gem as not many people know the excellent amenities and conveniences that it offers. It is a safe suburb that gives off a neighborly, friendly vibe. There are many green areas, walking tracks and parks for children and dogs.

It is close to Eagle Vale Marketplace, a major shopping centre that features a variety of speciality stores and dining places, as well as a Woolworths, The Reject Shop and medical facilities.

Busabout buses offer regular services from Campbelltown to Eschol Park, Eagle Vale, Leumeah and Minto (Nos. 877, 878, 879 and 880).

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