Population quick facts

  • Total population: 15,662
  • Number of families: 4,017
  • Top age groups and lifestyles: Established couples and families, older couples and families, and maturing couples and families

Property statistics

  • Median rent: $500 per week
  • Median property price: $800,000
  • Top dwelling structure: Separate house
  • Average bedrooms per property: 3.4

Places of interest and local attractions

Casula is situated 35 km south-west of the Sydney CBD, and is part of the local government area of the city of Liverpool. The suburb is located directly south of Liverpool on the Hume Highway and the Main Southern Road, and bounded by the Georges River in the west.

When European settlement started in the 19th century, the land was mostly used for poultry farming, market gardening and fruit growing. The area became suburbanized in the late 1950s, with large portions of land in the central and southern sections subdivided and redeveloped over the following decades. Most privately owned properties are found in the central and southern areas of the suburb.

Casula is a great suburb for families and young couples. There are plenty of newly built houses, and the prices are reasonable and affordable compared with many suburbs close to the city. There are numerous childcare facilities, parks, shops, schools and medical centres.

You will find everything you need within Casula. The suburb is home to Casula Public School and Casula High School. At Casula Mall, there’s a wide variety of dining options, and over 50 stores, including Aldi, Coles and Kmart. Another shopping centre in the suburb is Crossroads Homemaker Centre, where you’ll find Bunnings, and several furniture and furnishing stores. There is also Casula Central along Hume Highway offering a wide variety of goods and service stores.

The suburb is well connected by public transport and has easy access to the M5 South Western Motorway. The Hume Highway passes through the centre of the suburb. Casula railway station runs through the Airport, Inner West and South Line of the Sydney Trains network. Bus services connect Casula to the railway station and the commercial centre of Liverpool.

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*Data based on the 2016 Census.