Prudential budgeting secrets: How many of these are you doing?

On a tight budget? We’ve put together 15 dollar-saving tips that will have you pocketing more of your earnings.

Saving water

  • Don’t keep the water running! Wash fruit & veggies in a half-filled sink, and apply the same method to your morning routine.
  • Wait for a full load before turning on the dishwasher or washing machine. And whenever possible, do a cold wash.
  • Swap to a water efficient showerhead.
  • Close taps tightly so they don’t drip.

Saving power

  • Only heat/cool occupied rooms. Shut all other doors, and use door snakes for gaps.
  • Dry clothes in the sun when possible, rather than using a heater or dryer.
  • Switch to LED lights – they save energy and last much longer.
  • Turn off appliances or chargers at the powerpoint, so they don’t use standby power.


  • Swap before buying. Books, movies, tools, appliances – does a friend or relative have it for you to borrow?
  • Meal prep! Pre-pack meals to reduce the need to eat out.
  • Opt for second-hand. Look on Gumtree before buying in a chain store.
  • Entertain at home over going to eat out.
  • Shop when you have time – you’ll be more likely to miss discounts in a rush.
  • Stream fitness classes. And ditch the gym membership you don’t use!
  • Invest in a coffee machine to save on bought morning coffees.
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