Finding the Perfect Home Faster

Finding the best place to rent can be stressful. There are many other renters out there looking to rent the perfect place too and it may seem at times like you are finding out about your ideal home too late.
What you need to do is find out about what’s available quickly, view it and then submit your application. However, these things don’t always go to plan.
At Prudential Real Estate Sydney we understand your plight and we are here to help with some great tips on finding a place and getting in quickly with your application.

Search and sign up

You most certainly won’t find a place by doing nothing about it. Be proactive in your search. You can check our site every day for new listings and even get in touch with one of our friendly professional team in person if you have any questions about our rentals.
One of the best ways to keep your finger on the pulse of what we have available for rent is to sign up for our rental property alert here Here you will fill out your details and select the kind of property that suits your needs.
As new properties come up that suit your criteria, you will be notified.

Be prepared

Make yourself aware of all the paperwork and details you will need to apply for a rental and have these prepared ahead of time. Being able to submit an application ASAP for a property  you like in Sydney will mean we can process your application faster; it also shows you are well prepared.

Be flexible with your spare time

Open inspections will come up from time to time. If you are unable to attend these for work reasons then contact the office to discuss if there is another option. However, if the inspection is to be held in your spare time, be willing to be flexible and make the time to attend.

Rent with the best

The best team to rent with is our team, Prudential Real Estate Sydney . This is because we have been in the business for years and we are able to assist our tenants in the best way possible if they have any questions, concerns or issues.
You can learn more about renting with us and our letting policy by clicking here Should you have any questions and would like to talk to someone in person please don’t hesitate to contact our office.