Avoid Mistakes—List with the Best

Too often owners selling their homes make the mistake of overlooking things that could ultimately cost them a sale. When buyers come to view a property for sale there are things that can put them off that the seller may not even be aware of.
Even the best featured sales property in Campbelltown can sometimes suffer due to things the owner has overlooked. At Prudential Real Estate we understand what can make or break a sale thanks to our knowledge and many years of extensive experience in the industry.
We combine this invaluable knowledge with our professionalism and strive to help our clients achieve the sale they are hoping for. If you’re in the market to sell you should contact the relevant office today. In the meantime, check out some of the common mistakes made by sellers.
Exterior paint
Most homes today have exterior paint colours that are neutral and modern. However, if your home is among the few left that display left over colour schemes from the ‘70s, consider a change to something that is easier on the eye.
Clutter and personal items
Very few people like clutter, especially buyers. Too many of your personal belongings or clutter lying around can detract from the other strong points in your home. It makes it harder for potential buyers in Campbelltown to envision their own items there too.
If possible, have a big clear out of your unused and cluttering items and get them into storage away from the home. Remove family photos if it is not too difficult and remove any artwork that could shock or put off visitors, such as nudes or religious themed items.
Get around to it
You may have been holding on to a list for some time of things that need doing around the home. Perhaps it is a kitchen cabinet that needs fixing or a kitchen that needs replacing completely. Any kind of maintenance should be done beforehand unless you intend to sell the home to a renovator.
If not, buyers could look at the work to be done and offer a much lower price than you expect because they are weighing up the cost of repairs.
Cleanliness is the key
This may seem obvious but your home should be the most sparkling it’s ever been when it comes to buyers coming through. If you’re not up to the task, consider hiring a cleaner as a once off. A fresh and clean home makes the world of difference.
If you would like someone from our team at Prudential Real Estate in Campbelltown to come and give an appraisal and some advice on selling your home, visit us online today.