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Ability To Negotiate Aids In Achieving Goals

Conscious goal setting is one of the most effective techniques for moving forward in our lives to achieve the things we want, live meaningful lives and become the best people we can. What avid goal-setters often fail to realise, however, … Continue reading

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Neat And Tidy May Not Be Enough

Once you have made the decision to list your home for sale, naturally you want the best price that the current market will allow. To do this you must present the property in its best possible light. By highlighting its … Continue reading

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July 2016 Rental Market Update Video

Nick Giles: Hello, Nick Giles here from Prudential Real Estate with an update on rental properties in the MacArthur. Nick Giles: During the month of June the hard working leasing team at Prudential Real Estate found tenants for 51 of … Continue reading

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Can You Sell Above Market Value?

Selling a home can be an emotional or stressful time for some. That is why it is best to do this through a real estate agent who can offer the best sound advice on the quickest way to sell and … Continue reading

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The trials and tribulations of repainting your home: how to make the process quicker and easier!

Recently our family decide to take on the arduous task of repainting our entire house ready for sale. Although we won’t be looking to sell until we find my parent’s dream acreage, now seemed like the perfect time of year … Continue reading

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July 2016 Market Update

Wayne:​ Hi, Wayne Browne from Prudential Real Estate. This month we check in with the team to see what’s happening in the local market. Let’s cross first to Adam at our Campbelltown office. Adam: ​Hi I’m Adam Bryant. In the Campbelltown … Continue reading

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Wise Questions For Wise Home Buyers

Buying a home is not a life event that should be taken lightly, whether it is the first time or a subsequent purchase. Buying a house, for whatever reason, requires careful planning and some research into the endeavour. After you … Continue reading

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Places! Places everyone!

Lights, camera….is this mic on?! Selling your home for a great sale price is all about putting on a great show. It doesn’t have to be a huge money pit to make an excellent stage production though. Investing a little … Continue reading

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