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Good Tenants Will Pay A Premium For The Right Property

Just as there is a range of variables that determine the market value of a property being marketed for sale, so too are there similar variables at work when setting the rental price for an investment property. Tenants have the … Continue reading

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Buying? Renting? How to Spot Good Points of a Home

Whether you are buying or renting in Sydney, looking for the right place to live can be a challenge sometimes. How do you spot the good and bad points of a home? The key is in firstly knowing how you live … Continue reading

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Real Estate Still the Vehicle Favoured by Investors

Investing in real estate has long been a favoured method for Australians to generate wealth. While there have been a few economic hiccups along the way, property researchers have stated that since 1926, real estate grew at a comparable rate … Continue reading

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What Is the True Cost of Due Diligence?

It is absolutely essential to conduct appropriate due diligence prior to entering into a Contract of Sale for property in Liverpool. You can even make some of the due diligence a condition of the sale. When it comes to buying … Continue reading

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