66 ways to cut down on household expenses

Put down that extra large cappuccino from the overpriced coffee shop up the road and stop to think about how much money you are spending on your morning coffee?!

Every dollar adds up and on average a good cuppa costs around $3.00. For example if you were to purchase a coffee each day for a week you are spending $15.00 a week that could be put back into your savings. Over a year this equates to a whopping $780.00 that you could be saving towards your next holiday, project or even a house deposit!

Faced with extravagant house prices and high barriers to entry for first home buyers now is the time to buckle down with your spending and get your savings up to scratch to buy into the market as soon as possible. Starting early is important and it can be achieved with discipline and creativity. Learn these 66 super frugal ways to cut down on your household expenses.

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December 2016 Market Wrap Up

Nick: Hi It’s Nick Gauci here and welcome to the Prudential Real Estate Market Wrap up for December 2016. Today I am joined by Adam Bryant. How are you Adam?

Adam: Great thanks Nick.

Nick: Well, what an amazing year we have had here at Prudential Real Estate. This Christmas, we have some exciting news for local property owners across the Macarthur. According to RP Data we have experienced a whopping 23.3% increase in property prices in the Campbelltown LGA and a significant 19.3% increase in property values in the Camden LGA across the 2016 calendar year.

Adam: In fact, over the past two years we have seen a steady increase for property prices  throughout Macarthur. Some noteable suburbs which have experienced significant capital growth include;

● Narellan (39.2% growth)

● Oran Park (31.5% growth)

● Bradbury (42.1% growth)

● Rosemeadow (40.6% growth)

● Leumeah (47.6% growth)

Nick: So what does this mean for local property owners? Well, say for example if your property was valued at $350,000 in 2014 and your suburb has experienced  market growth of 20%, your property and your net wealth has grown by huge $133,000!

Adam: Whether you are thinking about upgrading your home or investing, if you want to know more about how to use the equity in your home contact Prudential today.

Nick: I remember at the beginning of this year many so called experts thought that prices would level off early on in the year and even decline as the year went on.

Adam: Instead 2016 has seen the market continue to gain strength with some ridiculous prices achieved such as at 59 Emerald Drive in Eagle Vale which sold for walking $760,000!

Nick: So what does 2017 hold for homeowners in the Macarthur area?

Adam: With interest rates projected to stay below 2%, house prices are expected to continue on their steady upward path.

Nick: Well, thanks for tuning into our final market update for 2016! On behalf of the entire team here at Prudential Real Estate, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients for trusting us with all their property needs throughout the year. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and prosperous new year.

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December 2016 Rental Market Update

Nick: Hi, Nick Giles here from Prudential Real Estate. Welcome to the Rental Market Update for December 2016. Today we’ll talk about what you should expect as an investor over the Christmas period and how to prepare your property for the best results!

Nick: Traditionally leasing property across the holiday period is challenging, with less tenants actively moving around the market. This is an important consideration for investors settling on their new investment properties. At this time of year we urge investors to have conservative rental expectations and focus on the best tenant in the shortest period of time.

Nick: Now let’s cross to Tyler for advice on how to get the best leasing result this Christmas.

Tyler: Thanks Nick.

Tyler: Rental demand has slowed in some suburbs due to a high supply of brand new homes, however at Prudential Real Estate our team leased more than one property each day in November!

Tyler: Great value properties lease fast. To ensure a fast turnaround for your property you must provide a quality product at a competitive rent. Here in Oran Park, in Ducros Street alone we’ve leased three properties in less than 10 days to tenants who had more than 100 property options in the suburb!

Tyler: To lease your property quickly you must invest in presenting your property in a fresh, functional and inviting manner. You want your tenants to enjoy spending this Christmas at your property to reduce the risk of vacancy and loss of rent. Contact me for my advice on the improvements required at your property. I’d love to help you!

Tyler: Now back to you Nick.

Nick: Thanks for tuning into our December 2016 Rental Market Update. From all of our team here at Prudential Real Estate we would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. We can’t wait to see you in the New Year!

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November Real Estate Market Update

Hi Nick Giles here from Prudential Real Estate coming to you with the November 2016

Rental Market Update.

Over the last 12 months we have seen house prices steadily increase, locking buyers out of the market and creating a pool of local long-term tenants. So what does this mean for your rental property?

It means that tenants are now leasing properties for longer periods of time. This is great news for investors, however it also means that tenants expect more when it comes to the condition of their rental property.

No longer can investors get away with not investing in the repair and maintenance of their property consistently. It is necessary for most landlords to re-invest around 5% of annual rent return back into the improvement and repair of their properties.

Great tenants rent great properties in great condition, and the reverse is also true! So what makes for a truly great rental property?

Tenants naturally want to live happily and comfortably in their home, and both the law and tenancy expectations are such that you need to ensure;

– All household appliances are functioning correctly;

– The property offers effective heating and cooling if installed;

– All mould problems and water damaged areas are fixed;

– The property is clean, looks and feels great;

– Light switches are all working;

– Draws and cupboards open and close without clipping and

– Interior paint work is updated…at a minimum.

By attending to these areas and more, you can ensure a great tenant will want to lease your property, which should be the top priority for every residential property investor. Let me help you get more cash from your investment! My advice is free and I would love to visit your property to assess what you can do to get the best results.

Contact me today on (02) 4628 0033.

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November 2016 Market Update

Graeme: Hello and welcome to the November 2016 Prudential Real Estate Market Update. Today I am joined by Bobby Reynolds.

Graeme: How are you Bobby?

Bobby: Doing very well thanks Graeme.

Graeme: That’s excellent.

Graeme: Well to renovate? Or not to renovate? This is a common question faced by our owners in regards to putting the house on the market. The answer is, well there is no magic answer, it really depends on the property.

Bobby: What we have found from previous sales in Macarthur is that the best return on investment actually comes from cosmetic updates. Things such as fresh paint, new carpet, new blinds and freshly mulched gardens. Our advice is not to rip out the kitchen or the bathroom and instead invest your money in the smaller projects which are more likely to have a bigger impact and make your property appear neater and tidier.

Graeme: Trusted advice from your local real estate agent is crucial in this process. Make sure you speak to your agent before undertaking any major renovations.

Bobby: A great result achieved through our advice is at 9/4-6 Nardoo Street, Ingleburn where with a few cosmetic renovations including new floorboards throughout, fresh paint and a new vanity we were able to achieve a new complex record selling for a massive $395,000!

Graeme: Make sure you contact the Prudential team today for some advice and information on renovations to your property to get the best return on investment.

Bobby: Thanks for tuning into our Prudential Market Update for November 2016. We look forward to seeing you out and about this weekend at our open for inspections.

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October 2016 Real Estate Market Update

Nick Hi it’s Nick Gauci here and welcome to the Prudential Real Estate Market Update for
October 2016.

Nick: Property staging is one of the hottest trends in the real estate industry right now. So
what does this mean for property owners looking to sell?

Nick: Property staging involves a professional styling consultant providing advice on how to best furnish your property to attract the most buyers – you’ve probably seen this on TV.

Nick: Now, for a small investment local property owners can enjoy all the benefits of property staging – just like on Selling Homes Australia.

Nick: Our clients have already seen some amazing results. A great example was this
beautifully staged home at 42 The Straight, Oran Park which recently sold for $875,000,
exceeding the owner’s initial expectations by $25,000.

Nick: By having the property staged it allows buyers to visualise the property as their own
home and creates the “wow” factor every property seller is looking for. It attracts more
buyers over the course of the marketing campaign and helps buyers create an emotional
connection with the home.

Nick: This was also evident with one of our recent properties at Lot 203 Gallipoli Drive,
Edmondson Park. This brand new home was vacant, on the market for 4 weeks and
received only 1 offer. Within 7 days of the property being staged, we had 3 offers in writing.

Nick: Property staging has seen an excellent return on investment for property owners in our marketplace. If you would like to find out how we can help you maximise the sale price of your home, call your local Prudential Real Estate office today. We’d be happy to help.

Nick: Thanks for tuning in to our market update for October, I’m Felise and the team at
Prudential Real Estate looks forward to seeing you out and about.

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October 2016 Rental Market Update

Hi, Nick Giles coming to you from Prudential Real Estate. It’s been another big month for us, with 44 new tenancies signed after 181 tenants inspected our clients properties.Having worked in the real estate industry for more than a decade, the most common complaint I hear from investors is about poor communication from their agent.

As a landlord myself, I know I want direct access to information concerning my investment, and we want to provide this service to every client. At Prudential, we offer our landlords 24/7 access to our online portal, containing records of rental payments, lease agreements, statements, bills, tenancy history, and more!

Now ask yourself does your current agency provide you with this kind of transparency and convenience? Can you access your statements online to simplify your tax? Can you view every rental payment made by your tenant in the last 12 months, anytime? How about your repair history?

Contact me today on (02) 4628 0033 for more information on why you deserve round the clock access to information about your investment property.

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High Auction Clearance Rates Spell A Strong Property Market This Spring!

The Sydney property market ‘boom’ wrapped up earlier this year leaving buyers and sellers alike wondering what was in store for their local marketplace. 12 months on from the peak of the boom, the market remains strong and competitive as shown through the 80% auction clearance rate achieved in Sydney over the weekend.

Smashing the clearance rate from this time last year by 6.9%, the auction clearance rate has jumped to its highest in 14 months. Driven by low borrowing costs and a low level of properties available on the market, this is great news for owners looking to sell. Continue reading

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September 2016 Market Update

Graeme: Hi and welcome to the Prudential Real Estate Market Update for September 2016. Let’s cross to Wayne to see what’s been selling.

Wayne: Thanks Big Dog. Spring has finally sprung and now is the perfect time to put your property on the market. With more and more buyers out and about its not just the weather that’s warming up. Recently we have achieved some great results for our clients including ;

1) Numbers 1 & 2 at 6 Tess Cct, Oran Park, which are 2 brand new 4 bedroom properties

2) 28 Borthwick Street, Minto which had 20 buyers through and 9 offers on a Thursday open home

Wayne: Now, Let’s give a big welcome to the new boys at the Ingleburn office.

Stef: Hi my name is Stef…

Felise:… Hi my name is Felise and we would like to introduce ourselves as the new team here at the Prudential Real Estate Ingleburn.

Stef: Contact the Ingleburn office today for our assistance with any of your real estate needs. We’d love to help you!

Stef: Let’s cross to Bobby for our latest hot properties.

Bobby: Thanks Stef. We have some fantastic properties which have just hit the market including at;

1) 46 Atlee Street, Oran Park , and

2) 43 Donalbain Circuit, Rosemeadow

Bobby: Now let’s check in with Nick at the Narellan office.

Nick: Thanks Bobby. Buyer interest in Oran Park and Gregory Hills continues to boom with the growing infrastructure in the Narellan area. With such projects as the Camden Private Hospital and the opening of the Narellan Town Centre extension this week, buyers are excited to secure properties in these ‘hot spots’.

Nick: Now back to you Graeme.

Graeme: Thanks Nick. Graeme: Prudential Real Estate is a proud supporter of the Macarthur Homeless Steering Committee. A great local organisation, we had the pleasure of attending the ‘Dinner under the stars’ last weekend which raised money for ongoing projects in the Macarthur community.

Graeme: Thanks for tuning into the Prudential Real Estate Market Update for September 2016. We hope to see you out & about this weekend!

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A Step-By-Step Guide To Applying For A Mortgage

Buying your first home is a life event that is both exciting and scary at the same time. It is exciting because you have taken a significant step towards independence and scary because you are also taking on a huge commitment. Unless you are independently wealthy, you will need a mortgage, and this involves being responsible for meeting its payment terms.

Mortgage Application Process is Similar Regardless of the Lender

There are a number of ways a home buyer can apply for a mortgage, but regardless of whether you apply directly to a financial institution such as a bank or building society, or you use a mortgage broker, the application process is practically the same. Much of it is governed by state legislation for the protection of all parties, and although the circumstances of each mortgage application are unique, the steps to be taken are similar.

First Step is the Appointment with the Lender

For us, this is also the start of a process that began when a client asked our sales staff at Prudential Real Estate to find a suitable property. We don’t get too involved with the mortgage application process, but it usually begins with an appointment with the lender who has offered you a home loan. This can be done in person, over the phone or online, depending on the institution. It is important at this point to have all the documentation they need on hand to avoid delays.

Conditional Approval – Building and Pest Inspection – Property Valuation

The completed documentation is assessed for your ability to service the loan and you may be asked at this point to provide further information. If the lender is happy with your application, they will advise that your loan has been conditionally approved. You should now organise a building and pest inspection, while the lender is arranging a property valuation.

Loan Documents and Offer from Lender

The lender then should contact you, and at this point, contracts will be exchanged for the relevant property. This will trigger the preparation of your loan documents and an offer by the lender. When you receive these, you should review them with your solicitor to make sure that everything is in order.

Return Signed Documents, Arrange Insurance

Once this review is completed, sign the documents and return them to the lender with your insurance details. Your solicitor will arrange a settlement date and advise all parties. Finalise any outstanding transactions and direct debits, amongst others, to ensure that monies go into the correct accounts.

Successful Settlement and Getting the Keys

Your solicitor will attend the settlement on your behalf and once everything has been finalised, you will receive the keys to your property from the selling agent. For us, this is the best part, because we get to see first-hand the excitement of our clients as they leave our office to take possession of their new home.

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