What you need to know before vacating your rental

Change of circumstances and planning to move? As a tenant, there’s a few things to consider before packing your bags to ensure that the vacating process runs smoothly.

The notice period

If you intend to leave a property, providing as much notice as possible is not only a requirement of the tenancy agreement – but can also determine any costs you may be required to pay. At Prudential Real Estate, this can be done by using our Vacating Form.

There are two types of tenancy agreement in NSW:

  1. A periodic lease, where the term has expired or is not specified. Under this agreement you are required to provide 21 days’ written notice to vacate.
  2. A fixed-term agreement, where there is a specific term. Under this agreement, you are required to provide 14 days’ written notice prior to your vacating date which should be on or after the expiry of the lease if you have reached the end of the specified term. This notice can be given up to the expiry date of the lease.

Breaking a lease early

When you sign a fixed-term tenancy, you are committing to stay for the full term. If you break your lease term early, your landlord may require you to pay “break fees”; a way of compensating them for financial loss including loss of rent, advertising and letting costs.

Returning keys

On the day you vacate, you must hand your keys into the office. At Prudential Real Estate, our property managers will then assist you to complete a Vacating Property Form acknowledging the return of keys and condition of the property. Be sure to return the keys by the due date, as rent will be charged on a daily basis until they are returned.

Final inspection

A time will be arranged for an outgoing/bond inspection of the premises. Tenants are encouraged to be present while the inspection is conducted, as the current condition of the property will be compared with the condition at the commencement of the tenancy greement. Any damage or need for cleaning may incur claims against your bond, however, this only occurs in a minority of cases. Once approved by the landlord, your entire bond will be refunded.

*For Prudential Real Estate clients, bond will be returned directly to your bank account through the Rental Bond Board. 

Want more information? Visit Tenants NSW or Fair Trading NSW, or get in contact your Prudential Real Estate office.

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I’m locked out of my rental… what do I do?

We’ve all been there before – finally reaching the front door after a long day, only to find our pockets empty and no keys in sight.

So, what now?

In NSW, tenants who have lost their keys are responsible for their replacement. This may require handling the costs incurred to gain new keys or to change the locks, depending on circumstances.

If you find yourself in this situation: 

  1. Get in contact with your property manager or visit your Prudential Real Estate office, so that we can organise for you to borrow the office set of keys. In this instance, you must pay a $100.00 bond to borrow the spare keys, which will be refunded once the keys are returned to the office.
  2. If you find yourself stuck after hours, you can call a locksmith, however you will need to pay for the cost of the locksmith/for their service to replace the keys.
  3. If there is a danger present, such as having children locked in the house or a stove left on, we may be able to take the keys to you. Please note that this is only in an emergency situation and is also dependent on circumstances.

You can find the contact details of all offices through the links below.

Prudential Real Estate Campbelltown

Prudential Real Estate Macquarie Fields

Prudential Real Estate Liverpool

Prudential Real Estate Ingleburn

Prudential Real Estate Narellan

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We’re not gone for long!
Find the trading hours for your local Prudential Real Estate office below.



Sun 23 DEC 2018 – Wed 26 DEC 2018
Sun 30 DEC 2018 – Tues 01 JAN 2019

Open every other day.



Fri 21 DEC 2018 (from 1pm) – Tues 01 JAN 2019

Open every other day.



Sun 23 DEC 2018 – Sun 06 JAN 2019

Open every other day.

Macquarie Fields


Mon 24 DEC 2018 (from 1pm) – Tues 01 JAN 2019

Open every other day.



Sat 22 DEC 2019 – Sun 06 JAN 2019

Open every other day.

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The great Christmas misconception

Should I really be selling right now?

The holiday season. It’s filled with as much madness as magic as we wrap up yet another busy year, in between planning for the next, surviving the party fatigue, finding the motivation to remain productive and blowing the gift budget (again).

So, is it really a good time to list your home on the market?

While the immediate response may be, ‘but I’ve just put my lights up… are you crazy?’, you may want to consider why right now is the perfect time to list your home.

Lack of competition

The common misconception about December is that buyers close their wallets and leave their property search to the new year. The reality is that there are less houses available on the market during December, leading to less choice for buyers. In fact, it is precisely this misconceived demand that makes the end of the year an excellent time to sell your home. Fewer property listings means less competition for sellers – and with plenty of buyers still on the lookout for their perfect home this Christmas, now could be the key to winning greater attention and a better offer for your property.

Leverage festive cheer

Let’s not forget that Christmas is the season for families to take time off, relax, reassess and plan for the future. With the right strategy, you could secure the best deal on your home by taking advantage of ‘holiday spirit’ and engaging with buyers who have more time on their hands and are in a better position to make that move.

Not all buyers go on vacation – or celebrate Christmas

Contrary to belief, the end of the year can be the ideal time for many people to search for a new home. Most who are looking to buy at this time will want to settle and move in before the new working year begins, which could mean a fast and rewarding sale for you – after all, wouldn’t you want to set up before BBQ season if you could?

In search of the best local advice on selling?
Contact the experts. Contact Prudential Real Estate on (02) 4628 0033 or via email at campbelltown@prudential.com.au

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Don’t lose a sale on your property!

Let’s face it: It’s a tough time to sell your home.

Prices are falling, properties are lingering on the market and buyers are at leisure with multiple options.

As a seller, it can be even tougher to let go of the expectation that you will achieve the asking price. And for many who fail to do their market research, there’s a lot more to lose than confidence.

But it’s not all bad news for property sellers; there are plenty of buyers currently looking for a home, and sales are being made.

It can be helpful to know that in a down market, offers will often be less than the asking price. While many owners will decide to ‘hold on’ for a better offer, waiting for the next opportunity is not only time-consuming, but costly. Additionally, there’s no guarantee that a better offer will arrive – and in many instances, it’s less than the first.

It’s typically at this point that sellers want to avoid the risk of waiting even longer, and are left with no choice but to take the latter (and lesser) offer.

So, what would the best option be? To accept an offer lower than initially expected, or to gamble the opportunity to sell and be left with your property?

While every case is different, at Prudential Real Estate we advise to carefully consider every offer that you receive. Be sure to seek the expertise of your agent in negotiating a counter-offer; and remember, if you’re trading in the same market, chances are that you will land a bargain on the other side!

Want more advice on selling? Contact Prudential Real Estate:
(02) 4628 0033 | campbelltown@prudential.com.au.

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An uphill battle or an open ground for opportunity? You’ll have heard and seen both ends of the spectrum when it comes to Sydney’s current housing predicament, with buyer behaviour clouded by uncertainty – and the market resembling an empty shop with a sale on.

At least that’s the current situation in South West Sydney, according to the latest findings from REA Group – showing a 33.5% decline in demand for properties throughout the region. So if prices are cooling off and affordable housing becoming a reality, then where are all the home buyers?

It’s a question that could be answered by the number of Australians looking to secure a home, at an arm’s length. One Sydney buyer summed it up over the weekend: “There’s a bit of uncertainty and if we hold off another year, we could potentially get more for our money.” (Domain)

Reasonable logic it may seem, if you can predict when property prices will be at their lowest – except that we can’t. And it’s this logic that’s building pent up demand for properties in Sydney, when only the act of people buying a home has changed, with the need still remaining the same.

The likely result? When the scales tip and property prices level out, the market will be flooded with buyers, driving competition (and therefore prices) back up. In which case, it’ll be too late for that bargain.

As it’s impossible to know the best time to buy until after it’s happened (i.e when the opportunity has come and gone), smart people are buying now. After all, you’re guaranteed to be getting more for your money than if you shopped 12 months ago –  with the added bonus of being ‘first to the shop’ with maximum choice.

Looking to buy? Don’t go past the experts.
Contact Prudential Real Estate:
 (02) 4628 0033 | campbelltown@prudential.com.au

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The lending squeeze: What’s the juice?

What you need to know about your mortgage (straight from the broker!)

In recent weeks you’ll have heard about the royal commission’s release of the interim report, warning that the tightening of lending procedures by banks could significantly reduce home buyers’ borrowing capacity.

But if this is the case, what will it mean for the average home seeker?

To find the answer, we turned to the referees at the forefront of the shift – mortgage brokers, who have let us in on what the changes will be.

The bottom line

The report has shown a greater push to ensure responsible lending, with further regulation to be enacted by lenders – the first being a proper assessment of income and expenses.

According to Craig Corbett, Finance Specialist at MoneyQuest, living expenses now have a greater influence on borrowing capacity, and higher living costs can, in fact, limit the amount borrowed.

Craig reports that over the next 12 months lenders will also be required to report a person’s repayment conduct to credit agencies, which will affect their ‘credit score’. In other words, a profile built on credit history has turned into a number. The higher this number the better, as it will impact what, with who and at what rate, you can borrow.

The solution?

It is advised that:

  1. Three months prior to making a loan application, go through your spending. Keep it to a level you would usually spend, if in debt. Discretionary spending is definitely factored into the lending process, so be mindful of gambling, eating out and entertainment.
  2. Ensure that all loans, including credit cards, bills and other loans are paid on time – EVERY time.
  3. With living expenses a significant factor, it might be an idea to have a ‘detox’ and reduce these wherever possible – starting with unused memberships or subscriptions.

In theory, the current decline of property prices due to the correction of the housing market could be a benefit for some home buyers, with a smaller price tag reducing the amount needed to be borrowed – in which case, the tightening of lending procedures may be of no concern at all.

Want the best home loan?

Click here for more information, or try the Prudential Loan Calculator.

Speak to the home experts today – contact Prudential Real Estate:

(02) 4628 0033 | campbelltown@prudential.com.au

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You better beleaf it: If you’re renting with a garden, you should know this.

There are many perks of raising a garden: Growing fresh ingredients for meals, making your home inviting, cutting down on the grocery bill or having an excuse for some sun and stress-relief.

But for some tenants, it can also be just as easy to turn a blind eye to an overgrown lawn or weed-infested patch, with keeping it ‘green’ last on the to-do list.

So when it comes to gardening, whose responsibility is it?

In NSW, it’s the responsibility of the tenant to maintain the property by rectifying any damage caused during the tenancy, and that includes outside. This could be anything from refilling holes dug by animals in a garden bed to tyre marks on the lawn. An important thing for guests to know, as any damage can be charged to the tenant.

For tenants living in a strata or body corporate complex, common areas cannot be used to plant or maintain personal gardens or veggie patches. So for green-thumbed gardeners, we recommend planting your goods in pots or polystyrene boxes to get your hands in the soil – this way, they can go with you should you move.

When vacating a property

Moving out of a property can definitely be a headache in terms of cleaning. But without doing a proper job, it can seriously delay the bond refund process. So it’s important to know that tenants are required to mow the lawns, arrange for gutters to be cleaned and to ensure that grounds and gardens are left tidy – without weeds or built-up leaves.

To ensure you get your bond back quickly, here’s our list of tradespeople that we trust (and recommend to use for their rates).

While you’re here, try our 5 TOP WATER-SAVING TIPS this dry Aussie summer.

  1. Close taps completely without forcing them, as this can cause damage or leaking.
  2. Swap to water-efficient heads wherever possible.
  3. Waiting for the shower to warm up? Place a bucket to collect water that can be thrown on the garden later.
  4. Don’t assume your garden needs watering everyday – check the soil first.
  5. A good soaking of the garden once or twice per week is better than watering everyday.

More info?
For a complimentary copy of our Tenant’s Handbook and for lots of helpful information, advice and tips, send an email to handbook@prudential.com.au.

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The millennial debate: Should I be buying right now?

With all the negative talk of Sydney’s housing market downturn, you’d be forgiven for not realising that now is the perfect time to secure a piece of real estate as a first home buyer.

There’s certainly a lot in favour for those entering the property market for the first time, with APRA’s tightening of lending conditions a large contributor to housing affordability, as well as stamp duty concessions and incentives introduced for first home buyers. All of this, plus plenty of current sales listings, means that there’s now more opportunity to snap up a property bargain than there has been in a long time.

But while you debate whether to buy now or wait for later, it’s important to consider the factors that could prevent property prices from further significant decline.

According to Moneymag, Sydney’s population continues to grow rapidly, job creation is excellent and there is a great deal happening in terms of infrastructure (06.06.18). These are all obvious motives for people to up and move, and equally important factors such as the market value. In sum, securing a home now could be just as beneficial as waiting to buy later, with evidence to suggest that prices might begin to straighten out unless one of these factors change.

Of course, the best time to buy is when is suits your financial circumstances, which is your key to getting ahead in any market condition.

If you are currently looking to buy, don’t get caught out in the 9 biggest buyer traps! See our guide on how to avoid buying blind, with tips on costs, market research, bidding and more.

Chat to the experts – contact Prudential Real Estate on (02) 4628 0033 or via campbelltown@prudential.com.au.

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Media profits BOOM over 40% gloom

An economic catastrophe is upon us all.

At least, that’s what you’d believe if you’ve bought into the recent ‘Bricks and Slaughter’ media circus brought on by 60 Minutes and other alarmist reports. With ‘slump’, ‘plunge’ and ‘set to crash’ dominating news headlines, it’s any wonder that doubt-stricken families are contemplating putting their property dreams on hold.

But for any good reason?

CoreLogic released a statement in response to the 60 Minutes report as ‘a presentation of the worst case scenario, with no regard for the likely outcome’ (21.09.18) – and we couldn’t agree more.

So here’s the facts: Property prices are simply re-adjusting following steady increases, with a 5-15% drop in Sydney suburbs – and there will always be attempts to predict the outcome. According to CoreLogic data, even in markets where prices have fallen consistently for more than four years, values have still not fallen anywhere near 40% (21.09.18). It’s certainly not the first time a market correction has occurred, and it won’t be the last.

What you need to know: there is plenty of opportunity to secure the perfect deal by selling your property. After all, there will always be people needing to buy (and move, and resell, and invest). And so the cycle continues.

As Scott Pape says, in any market, focus on what you can control; your savings, and when you’re ready to buy (24.09.18). And we will add to that, only buy what you can afford, and leave yourself ‘wriggle room’ for when interest rates do change.

Would you stop driving altogether to avoid a car crash?

Or rather, would you just drive with caution? The same can be said for selling your home. Be aware of the current market, but don’t let ‘scare tactics’ deter you from stepping into it. Because one of the strongest influences on property prices is marketplace perception, with buyers, sellers and investors too afraid to act on their goals – without any good reason.

Don’t just take the word of your neighbour… with the right agent and the right strategy, you can maximise your chance of securing top dollar on your home!

Speak to the experts today – contact Prudential Real Estate:
(02) 4628 0033 | campbelltown@prudential.com.au

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